Acronis Backup Solutions

World-class data protection designed to fit any business environment—from a single workstation to an entire enterprise infrastructure.

Questivity is a Platinum partner with Acronis and fully able to support all Acronis products and services including data protection through its backup, disaster recovery, and secure file sync and share solutions. Acronis helps delivers easy, complete and affordable data protection of all files, applications and operating systems across any environment—virtual, physical, cloud and mobile.

Product Overview

Founded in 2003, Acronis protects the data of over 5 million consumers and 500,000 businesses in over 145 countries. With more than 100 patents, Acronis products have been named best product of the year, and cover a range of features, including migration, cloning, and replication. Today, Acronis solutions are available worldwide through a global network of service providers, distributors, and cloud resellers.

Acronis business offerings provide exceptional, customizable backup and storage management solutions for any system setup: physical servers, virtual machines, PCs, business-critical applications, and more. It is a multi-OS software that is perfect for your needs.  As a world leader in data protection and system management, Acronis offers a wide range of technological advantages.

Acronis Backup Solutions – Recommended Options

Some of the major solutions we recommend for our clients include:

Acronis® Backup 12.5

Acronis Backup 12.5 is one of the world’s easiest and fastest backup solution for your data, whether it is located on-premises, in remote systems, in private and public clouds, or on mobile devices. With Active ProtectionTM from ransomware, enhanced backup validation, and blockchain-based authentication of your backups with Acronis NotaryTM, Acronis Backup 12.5 is the most reliable backup solution on the market today.

Some key features include:

    • All-in-one solution for all backup and disaster recovery needs
    • Protects your entire hybrid infrastructure
    • Reduces RTOs to seconds with Acronis Instant Restore
    • Improves compliance and establish the validity of recovery
    • Prevents ransomware attacks with Acronis Active Protection

Acronis® Disaster Recovery Service

Acronis Disaster Recovery Service is a hybrid cloud, all-in-one, IT continuity solution that protects and restores your data and servers in the event of a natural or man-made disaster. Leveraging the power of the Acronis AnyData Engine, Acronis Disaster Recovery Service can reliably recover your servers or entire data centers without the need for you to invest in duplicate systems or additional staff.

Some key features include:

    • All-in-one solution for all backup and disaster recovery needs
    • Push-button, automated recovery of servers or entire data centers
    • Flexible, predictable recovery time objective (RTO)
    • Single pane of glass administration and management
    • Automated, scheduled testing of recovery plans
    • Choice of platforms and use cases: physical and virtual, local or cloud, any hypervisor, and any storage.

    Acronis Disaster Recovery Service can reliably recover your servers or entire data centers without the need for your organization to invest in duplicate systems or additional staff. Providing flexible recovery time objective (RTO) options, Acronis Disaster Recovery Service combines the high performance and shortest recovery time of a local appliance with the low cost, predictability, and accessibility of a virtual private cloud.

Acronis® Files Connect 10.6 (formerly ExtremeZ-IP)

If your organization is one of
the estimated 91 percent of enterprises that have Mac users in need of accessing files and documents in a mixed Mac-Windows environment, you know firsthand that Windows and Macs communicate with one another differently.
When Mac users try to access Windows file and print servers, they typically experience performance, data integrity, search slowness and many other issues, and your business is impacted in many ways: Acronis Files Connect is a solution that provides a rich experience Mac user demand when connecting to Windows or NAS file servers, while maintaining the compatibility required by IT. At its core, Acronis Files Connect is an AFP file-sharing and full-content search service that runs on your Windows server and enables Macs to connect to file shares and NAS via AFP instead of the SMB protocol. Acts as a new Mac client application act as
a handy unified interface to quickly locate and access all file shares and DFS resources available on your network via both AFP and SMB. Some of the key features include:

  • Strong Mac-Windows Integration
  • Full content
Spotlight searching by linking Mac Spotlight to a server-side index
  • AFP and SMB connection to file shares
  • ShadowConnect leverages Microsoft’s Shadow Copy (VSS) granting the ability to restore previous versions of files to Mac users.
  • Active Directory permissions mapped to effective Mac permissions, ensuring security.

Acronis® Snap Deploy

A great solution for rapid bare-metal initial deployments to a large number of workstations and servers, and an effortless on-going deployment to the same hardware, Acronis® Snap Deploy® lets you provision hundreds of systems as fast as you can provision one. Some key features include:

  • Provision one, tens or hundreds of machines easily
  • Deploy a large number of bare- metal PCs or Servers
  • Refresh your PCs with near-zero effort
  • Procure any brand and type of hardware, and deploy the same image with Universal Deploy

Acronis® Cloud Storage

Acronis Cloud Storage is an easy-to-use cloud subscription that turns your Acronis Backup into a powerful, hybrid (local and cloud) backup! Enjoy safe, secure, and scalable offsite backup
for any data or any system – anytime, anywhere.

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