Construction Management

VConstructor is a cloud based, integrated solution that connects field to the trailer by providing real-time data to the project users, anywhere, anytime! vConstructor speaks the construction language and organizes the data similar to the way the building is constructed, thus making access to data quick and easy

vConstructor saves tremendous project costs, by providing the relevant project data, in the format the project user wants to see it.

Remarkable ROI on the project for every $ spent.

Project status – Single pane view

Owner, general contractor or sub-contractor would like to view the progress of the project from different perspectives. They would like to know the status of the project, building, floor, critical issues, team on the ground and more.

VConstructor provides a single pane of status that captures the project status based on categories, floors, areas, task types, priorities and more. A data rich dashboard intelligently filters data depending on the login profile.

vConstructor provides a 5 day look ahead timeline of the project for quick project tracking. A Gantt chart like view provides an overall status of the building across all categories.

Project data spread across various modules is sorted into small workspaces of interest for focused, quick and easy access by the users. These scrollable workspaces include My tasks, critical issues, reports, documents accessed and more.

Workflow Management

Project tracking that includes collection, tracking and interpretation of project data across all project categories and all teams is a major portion of project costs. It’s imperative that the data is made available in the right format to take smart decisions. Any deviations from the set processes increases the project costs exponentially.

VConstructor provides a platform where in project managers can create their project workflows that will be used by the field or trailer and these workflows are presented to the field by vConstructor in a very user-friendly format. These workflows collect the data accurately, in a timely fashion and calling out any missing data.

Collection and organization of such real-time data will help the project stake holders to make smart decisions and save on project costs, delivery and use resources to the potential

Document Library

Project documents like plans, as built drawings, submittals, RFIs, change orders, specifications, markups and more are not readily available to the field. Any changes made at the office needs to be disseminated to the field immediately and it’s a challenge today.

vConstructor organizes the information along the lines of project categories and makes it available to the field depending on the role based access control instituted by the project managers. Field gets to access the data, mark it up with rich set of annotation tools and communicate with the other teams instantaneously.

This will significantly reduce erroneous flow of information and timely smart decisions can be taken based on the latest information available.

Project Intelligence

Every project document contains some level of information which can be used to make smart decisions. The decision could be as trivial as making a set of tools available to the team to replacing a chiller. However only a selected few stakeholders would be able to connect the project intelligence with smart decision making.

vConstructor provides an intelligent, relevant, smart and quick decision making platform by extracting the right information from all documents and connecting them thru its intelligent algorithms for informed smart decision making.

Daily Journal

Field needs to record and report the daily activities as a daily log. Field today struggles in transcribing the hand-written notes in composing such reports.

vConstructor provides a Facebook like feature where in the users can record their activities, capture images and refer to these notes for creating daily journals and other required actions. These notes are available across vConstructor and they can be directly imported into the forms mandated by the project.


Every project has forms of data collection and each form varies from trade to trade. Provision of such forms to users, ensuring the data integrity and recollecting the data for future data analytics is a manual and laborious process.

vConstructor provides by default a set of forms for all trades in addition to any custom project related forms that include, Daily logs, Weekly logs, Timesheets, Task lists, Issue lists, Punch lists, Safety lists, Commissioning lists, Tele-Data lists etc. Project managers can choose to either use an industry standard general list templates and/or custom project templates.

vConstructor makes it easy for users to create their reports by importing their day to day notes captured in the daily journal or with reminding the users of their tasks. These processes are fully automated based on the project workflow which helps transfer of information seamless, quick and easy.