With time restraints and growing demands on value-added services, we offer two distinct engagement models: Time and Cost Model and Fixed Price Model. Time, money and resources are the main driving force in determining an engagement model. It is ideal to estimate needs before opting for a model.


This model takes care of time and resources in the best possible manner. We understand the changing need of complex projects and the varying demands on modifications and value additions during a long process of development.

Delivery and implementation of every decided element on a fixed hourly rate will help clients in optimizing their resources. We focus on quality and change management practices. The expert project management brains are bound to guarantee that the efforts are directed, estimated and implemented effectively to reduce time and cost overruns.

Advantages of Time and Cost model:

  • Strong business analysis skills benefits
  • Ideal for complex business projects for longer duration of time
  • Save on skilled project management
  • Timely, effective and controlled implementation of a project
  • Each development process is repeated till the solution is delivered completely


In fixed price model clients choose a fixed price and timeline at the commencement of a project. Businesses and companies opt for this model as it gives them an edge with budget and time lines. Such an model is very beneficial for projects involving low to medium level of complexity. As the specifications are clear, organizations can identify risks and assess the scope of a project easily.

As an expert, clients understanding and know-how of software development will allow them to estimate what goes into the development process. Our successful outsourcing models on fixed pricing have been with companies who ensure effective collaboration with timely feedbacks and decisions.

Advantages of Fixed Price model:

  • Best suited for established solutions and processes
  • Fits the budget snuggly
  • No need to worry about time deadlines
  • Reduced risk for both parties