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Arista-DCS-7280 Details
Part Num: DCS-7280CR3-32P4-F
Model: DCS-7280CR3

32P4,L3,4 x 400 Gigabit QSFP-DD + 32 x 100 Gigabit QSFP, rack-mountable, Switch ,managed, front to back airflow

Price: US$34,500.00
List Price: US$74,995.00
You save: US$40,495 (54% OFF)
Condition: Brand New Sealed
Availability: 2 DAYS

Arista DCS-7280


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Arista-DCS7280CR3 Overview

The Arista 7280R3 series are built for high-performance environments, and to meet the needs of large scale data centers and service providers They deliver scalable L2 and L3 resources and high density with advanced features for network monitoring, precision timing and network virtualization to deliver scalable and deterministic network performance while simplifying designs and reducing OpEx. The 7280R3 capabilities address the requirements for modern networking and rich multimedia content delivery requiring a lossless forwarding solution in a compact and energy efficient form factor.