Questivity has been an pioneer in adapting, promoting and selling the SAP HANA infrastructure solutions and services. Its partnerships with major HANA players like Cisco has helped establish a strong practice centered around SAP HANA. Questivity is a one stop shop for all things HANA from SAP HANA cisco UCS appliances, SAP HANA dababase licenses, Redhat or SUSE linux operating systems andthe comprehensive suite of SAP HANA related deployment, integration and migration services.

Compared to SAP application infrastructure, SAP HANA Infrastructures get significantly complex as it scales and customers are often faced with the challenge of working with various vendors for Hardware, Software, OS, SAP Basis and SolMgr services. Questivity’s partnership and echo system provides customers the unique option of working with a single vendor all the way to thier SAP Applications.


Questivity has established strong partnerships with manufacturers that provide SAP HANA validated hardware and provides both customized and converged ready to deploy SAP Infrastructure solutions. Questvity’s team of Infrastructure and SAP experts deploy those solutions and and integrate it with customer’s existing infrastructure. Questivity has partnerships and capabilities to deliver the solutions and hardware specified below :

  • Compute (Cisco UCS HANA Ready Appliances)
  • Networking (Cisco Nexus 5K, 7K, 9K ACI)
  • Storage (EMC, Netapp, Nimble)
  • Virtualization (VMware)
  • V-Block Converged SAP HANA ready Solution (Cisco, VMWare, EMC, SAP HANA)
  • FlexPod Converged SAP HANA ready Solution (Cisco, VMWare, Netapp, SAP HANA)
  • Cisco Tidal Intelligent Automation for SAP (Cisco)


Questivity realized that the integration and putting all the infrastructure pieces together for SAP applications was very cumberson and the customers faced significant challenges at the time of roll outs. Specific expertise will have to be called in to support and resolve those issues. Based on continuous requirements from customers Questivity has established the relationships with the following :

  • Novell – Suse Linux
  • Redhat – Redhat Linux


Questivity is being recognized as a go to partner for SAP HANA Implementation solutions by customers and its echo system partners alike.Our Implementation services comprise of the following :

Installation and Modelling Services

  • Conduct design review and pre install site survey
  • Assembling, verification of components, validate proper power up
  • Installation and validation of correct hardware and software
  • Integrate the appliance into the network
  • Connect the solution to Source Systems
  • Point the application to proper data sources
  • Extract data from external sources and migrate to HANA
  • Base Table Modelling and Optimization (HANA Modeller)
  • Content Modelling: Attribute, Analytical, Calculation Views(HANA Modeller
  • Deliver a working Solution


Questivity also provides Customized services in the following :

Migration of Legacy Database to SAP HANA

  • Assessment and Planning
  • Landscape Upgrade
  • Upgrade across versions

SAP HANA Real Time and/or Predictive Analytics

  • Data Modeling and Transforamation (HANA Modeller)
  • Integration with backend data sources- Smart Data Access (SDA and SAP Landscape Transformation (SLT)
  • Front end integration with BOBJ, Lumira
  • SAP Predictive Modeling- Agile Scrum Approach

Call us with any of your SAP HANA initiatives and questions at 408-615-1781 or email at and our experts will be more than happy to provide you with a no obligations consultation.