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Palo Alto Networks PA-220
Part Num:  PAN PA-220
Model:  PA 220
Detail: VPN throughput (IPSec): 100 Mbps, Threat prevention throughput: 150/260 Mbps, 4 x 1000Base-T – RJ-45,  1x 100Base-TX (management), 1x management – RJ-45, , Firewall policies: 500, , Security zones: 15
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PA-220 Overview

The PAN PA-220  from Palo Alto Networks Firewall solution.

The PA-220 next-generation firewall safely enables applications and prevents modern cyber threats. Suitable for small organizations, branch offices, and retail locations, the PA-220 desktop form factor brings you the same PAN-OS features that protect your large data centers, including high availability with active/active and active/passive modes of Palo Alto 220.

Inspects and applies the policy to TLS/SSL-encrypted traffic, both inbound and outbound, including for traffic that uses TLS 1.3 and HTTP/2.
• Palo Alto 220 offers rich visibility into TLS traffic, such as the amount of encrypted traffic, TLS/SSL versions, cipher suites, and more, without decrypting.
• Palo Alto 220 enables control overuse of legacy TLS protocols, insecure ciphers, and incorrectly configured certs to mitigate risks.
• Palo Alto 220 facilitates the easy deployment of decryption and lets you use built-in logs to troubleshoot issues, such as applications with pinned certs.
• Palo Alto 220 lets you enable or disable decryption flexibly based on URL category and source and destination zone, address, user, user group, device, and port, for privacy and regulatory compliance purposes.
• Palo Alto 220 allows you to create a copy of decrypted traffic from the firewall (i.e., decryption mirroring) and send it to traffic collection tools for forensics, historical purposes, or data loss prevention (DLP).

The PA-220 provides you interactive visibility and control of applications, users, and content at high throughput speeds. You get redundant power input for increased reliability, a fan-less design for quiet operation, and solid-state disks to remove any moving parts. The PA-220 also simplifies the deployments of large numbers of firewalls through the USB port.

The PA-220 provides dual DC power inputs and high availability configuration for increased reliability, a fanless design and solid-state storage for quiet operation, and no moving parts for increased reliability in pa 220 palo alto.

  • 500/560 Mbps firewall throughput
  • 150/260 Mbps Threat Prevention
  • 100 Mbps IPsec VPN throughput
  • 64,000 max sessions
  • 4,200 new sessions per second
  • 1,000 IPsec VPN tunnels/tunnel interfaces
  • 1,000 IPsec VPN tunnels/tunnel interfaces
  • 15 security zones
  • 500 max number of policies

PA 220 Subscriptions and Licenses

Palo Premium Support Program – extended service agreement – 1 year
Mfg.Part: PAN-SVC-PREM-220

Palo Premium Support Program – extended service agreement – 1 year
Mfg.Part: PAN-SVC-PREM-220-S

Palo Premium Support Program – extended service agreement – 3 years
Mfg.Part: PAN-SVC-PREM-220-3YR

Palo Premium Support Program – extended service agreement – 3 years